Melchior Lippisch has been born in a Bavarian village at the lake of Starnberg – many years ago – as an aquarius and therefore very fond of water! There he grew up, within the time Germany still has been in a “post war” stage, recovering from the wounds and its downfall. My father Balthasar and his wife Lilo had settled in a small village called Pöcking-at the time a romantic place – just a nice still untouched countryside. Balthasar has called his son Melchior because of his lost twin-brother who fell in Rovaniemi, Finland in the times of the war. So we were two of the holy kings or wisemen at home .

My father, a true artist  was making his money with cartoons, working from home – my mother took care of the household but contributed to the income by sueing coats for medical doctors…and then I came to life and had a wonderful childhood!

Later I have become a mediterranean Bavarian, as circumstances have brought my wife and me to the south of France where we live and enjoy our work today! I work as a Marketing consultant freelance, for international companies

More at a later time



  1. This is my first blog and it was about time to raise my voice. My daughter Lea was ahead of myself in blogging for more than two years! But now the old man has finally started to stick his neck out and give his comments to the world

    I think blogging is agreat facility and please comment my posts whenever you want with frank and candid feedback if you like!
    Thanks for your attention folks


    Melchior Lippisch

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