Posted by: melchior77 | October 12, 2008

First encounters with Mr. Time Manager

Claus Møller is “Mr. Time Manager”

Claus Møller is “Mr. Time Manager”

In 2007 my wife has been co-organizer of a business-meeting for an organization called Nordic-Link ( ) for promotion of exchange between the south of France and the Nordic countries. Within the program was a section for Cultural differences and practical leadership. The person for the program noted was a certain Claus Møller who I didn’t know personally before.

When he began his program about practical leadership and about “Heart work” instead of hard work, it became obvious what a caliber of talent came on stage…

In only a few minutes he had the audience turned around and run through a rollercoaster of drama, funny stories and business wisdom. People in the audience were impressed, attentive and laughing about his tremendous humor. I was one of those, inspired by his coaching, using symbolic personal stories, and graphics to present his crusade for improvement of personal quality management. He made it clear to everybody how essential this will be for any business.

Claus Møller is “Mr. Time Manager” as he had the vision and pioneered most useful Time Management tools as the first in the world. Only recently author Niels Lillelund published a book about Møller and his life titled “Mr. Time Manager” in which he portrayed the famous Danish entrepreneur as an outstanding personality. The book is momentarily only available in Danish language but might be translated in English in the next months.

Claus often talks about the subject “Time is the raw-material of Life” and that we have to realize how we can best spend the time as time cannot be brought back. He teaches the awareness about the “now”, which we shall live with conscience and transform those “nows” in to a precious moment, each of them like a “pearl” adding to a beautiful chain of pearls being our life! – Everything in our years of existence hinges on time…therefore we need highest level on awareness how we manage our lifetime!

I met Claus Møller for the first time in private, when my wife and I were invited to his home in Cotignac, a beautiful village located in the Provence. There he has settled two decades ago, with his lovely wife Viveca, a strong personality, who he often mentions in his coaching-sessions and where I learnt about her one year before I personally met her. Within their property the Møllers host groups for the seminars in their mansion-like estate, which they call the “Learning Village”. Viveca is a passionate person with artistic talents, her artwork of tapestry is fantastic and she is a great chef de cuisine, cooking with a lot of fantasy.

That particular summer evening she presented a stellar 4 course menu we have thoroughly enjoyed.

Claus Møller and Melchior Lippisch

Claus Møller and Melchior Lippisch

(Viveca Møller, during seminars takes care of the meals for the trainees, together with her friendly French and Danish assistants.)

We had a great conversation that evening and touched the subject of time and the preoccupation with the feeling being too busy with secondary issues, not able to enjoy the moments and “nows”

Claus put this in a funny phrase people may use “I have a very busy autumn” as an excuse for almost everything … This was symbolic for many of those who are not managing their time properly and I must admit – was the beginning of his good influence on myself as he inspired me to be more conscious about my time!


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