Posted by: melchior77 | October 11, 2008

Are you a morning person…or a late starter?

Our Cappuccino mornings…

I love mornings, even all year round, but now in the peak of summer – it is particularly nice to wake up early! In our region this year’s summer started late after a spring with many rainy days in the south. Now is the season that gives you the wonderful feeling of lightness as mornings are particularly beautiful. There is a certain routine and wake up normally around 5.45 am and then go out to garden early for feeding the dogs, who are waiting already anxiously on the doorsteps for getting their dish…as early as possible.

I am the one who feeds them and taking care of giving them something they like and so I mix together can-food with leftovers of the evening. Sometimes I even cook sausages or barbecue some minced meat like for hamburgers, which makes them happy. Victor and Brioche are Hovawarts, very kind dogs, easy to keep and vigilant dogs who vigorously guard the villa. ( )
While I prepare their food they are watching everything through the window and once I come out they are happy – and start munching immediately.

Then I turn to the plants who need water and to rinse the many pots around the villa takes at least a quarter of an hour – enjoying to see the new blossoms in the morning – and observe the growth of all the different types of plants every day.

The rest of the family is still sleeping and I, all by myself have a quiet and relaxing time in the morning – giving me time for reflection, inspiration and tranquility as preparation for the challenges of the day. I feel privileged having the office in the villa not needing to commute and lose time in traffic.

I always have look onto the latest e-mails and news there after – when we make our home-made capuccino – in our espresso boiler with our favorite brand : Lavazza Crema e Gusto. See an Italian AD –


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