Posted by: melchior77 | October 2, 2008

About the Title of this Blog

Claus MØLLER, Mr. Time Management

Claus MØLLER, Mr. Time Management

When I created this blog and its name I had the idea to share my thoughts, ideas within the progressing time-flow linked with my emotions worth to be expressed. Sharing the idea with my wife revealed she wasn’t sure if the name made a lot of sense.
At that time I met the man in the image left only once or twice before. However, when we went to Claus MØLLER and his wife Viveca for a private visit to their impressive real estate in Cotignac, Provence France I got to know them better and found in them an exceptional couple. Claus MØLLER, together with his “first wife” as he always says, have realized their dreams on an extraordinary mission in giving people new instruments for optimizing time-management and personal productivity. Out of this initiative Claus developed a world-class company (TMI) and became an expert and consultant for many enterprises, politicians and high performance teams. A recent book written by a Danish journalist is titled: “Mr. Time Manager”, has revealed the outstanding story of a man that is known for creation of many new concepts in addition to time management.
I had a chance to attend his seminar on Practical Leadership in September 2008 to learn about these fundamental concepts, like “emotional intelligence”, “personal quality of individuals” and “good employee-ship” as the source of company’s productivity with success .
Back to my motion about the name of this blog – after the seminar I feel confirmed about the name and want to publish meaningful and interesting content there in many ways.
To cite Claus MØLLER who says : “Time is the raw material of life!”


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