Posted by: melchior77 | June 20, 2008

Welcome to my personal Blog!

It’s been a long time that I finally got my own blog flowing now! Too many other things got in the way as I had to make money by writing newsletters for other parties and organizations.  Then I had to stick to other priorities which have been interesting to follow and brought a lot of work, but also fun with them. Well while doing this I kept my eyes on the community of web 2.0 specialists and authors, reading more than I wrote here – to understand the T-flow and what was brought up by the community of bloggers, numerous authors commenting on new developments and use of the latest applications. I think despite of all the talk of crisis – we live in a very interesting era – and there is hope that the world gets better through the connections we can make with the help of digital media.

Before I get too philosophical I just want to introduce myself quickly and hope you may join me in adding to the motion that drives the 21 st century. I would like to be a contributor in publishing and find good ideas and concepts myself or help publish those of others as well. We can find them or hear about from where ever – those improving our daily life and comfort we shall propel so many people can benefit.

But this blog is my own and it is my aim to publish my thoughts and in the time-flow paired with emotions and experience. So if you are interested to follow, be a friend or allied with me subscribe and/or comment…


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